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In company news, First Century Bankshares ( FCBS ) jumped to a six-year high after Summit Financial Group Inc. ( SMMF ) offered to acquire the bank holding company for around $42.8 million in cash and stock. Under terms of the merger agreement, Summit will exchange $22.50 in cash or 1.2433 of a share of its stock for each First Century share. Summit is capping the amount of cash available for the deal to $15 million, or 35% of the total, with the remaining compensation paid with stock. The transaction is expected to close shortly before the end of the year, pending regulatory approvals and the approval of First Century shareholders. The boards of directors at both firms already have signed off on the deal. FCBS shares were up almost 10% at $21.30 apiece, earlier climbing to their best price since March 2008 at $22.00 a share. SMMF shares were down more than 1% at $17.06 each in recent trade, matching their session low. In other sector news, (+) AHT, (+7.2%) Announces $36 mln sale of Courtyard Palm Desert hotel. Also completes $142 mln cash sale of five select-service hotels in New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida, to the Noble Investment Group.

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